Andrew Odom

Andrew Odom

Tiny r(E)volution

We are excited to announce Andrew Odom (aka – the Mysterious “Zandrew Flodom”) will be one of our two Keynotes at the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival!


Co-Founder of Tiny r(E)volution and author of the best-selling book Your Message Here: GAINING CORPORATE SPONSORS for your tiny house project, Andrew Odom is a social media strategist and content creator amongst other things. He is an accomplished photojournalist with work seen in Details, Relevant, SOUTH MAGAZINE, Kitchen Drawer, and more! For the past two years he has served as Content Editor for Tiny House Magazine. He has been a guiding force in the tiny house world since 2009 with his outspoken adoption of and advocacy for the micro/tiny/small/and otherwise, unconventional home market as a designer, builder, dweller, and speaker. Currently Andrew, his wife, and their daughter, are living Tiny r(E)volution v.3.0 in a small, renovated/restored, home in rural, eastern North Carolina. In the past they have lived in a 240 sq.ft. tiny house on wheels, and a 264 sq.ft. travel trailer. Most recently Andrew’s voice can be “heard” in the book Turning Tiny.


Be sure to check out Andrew’s video announcement regarding his involvement in the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival HERE… or visit with Andrew and his family online at Tiny r(E)volution HERE.

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