Dawnna “MamaDee” Weir

Dawnna “MamaDee” Weir

MamaDee Returns!

Known in the tiny house community as “MamaDee”, Dawnna Weir has been involved in the tiny house movement for the past 5+ years.


Not only did MamaDee fall in love with the tiny house lifestyle, but it saved her from an indefinite future.  Surviving a 20+ year abusive marriage, she was left penniless.  Due to being a stay-a-home mom, she didn’t even have social security or retirement to fall back on… but this did not stop MamaDee from pursuing her tiny house dream.


Her tiny journey has been anything than smooth.  Having to move 3 times during her solo build and overcoming some incredible struggles, MamaDee has survived, grown, and has consistently become a stronger resource for others to learn from.


Being the survivalist that she is, combined with her devout faith, she managed to create her dream home, utilizing mostly reclaimed, salvaged, and unwanted materials.  If you’re looking to go “tiny on the cheap”, or have no idea where to begin, MamaDee is the resource that you have been looking for.


Her tiny home is based upon the time in her life that she felt the happiest – at her grandmother’s house decorated in the retro 1920s – 1930s.  Dawnna has re-created this environment in her “Tiny Retro T”.


A crowd favorite at the 2016 Georgia Tiny House Festival, we are so happy MamaDee is making the trek from New Hampshire to St. Augustine this November to share her knowledge and experiences with the attendees of the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival.

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