John Kernohan

John Kernohan

United Tiny House Association & 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival

John, his wife Fin, and Shorty Robbins are your hosts and the organizers of the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival. (Their bios are below.)


John’s vision as the Chairman of the United Tiny House Association and original Founder of the Tiny House Festivals, is to bring all tiny houses, tiny house owners, tiny house builders, tiny house supporters, and tiny house dreamers together in unity and in support and encouragement of each other.


During his presentation, “Bringing Tiny Houses Together”, John will share his vision of what a truly successful tiny house community can be – not only locally, but nationally and internationally as well. He will debunk some of the myths and stereotypes that have been labelled on the tiny house world, and challenge all of us, the tiny house population, to come together and work hand-in-hand so we present ourselves to the world as a single unified force instead of sometimes being seen as divided based on our individual beliefs and personal agendas (no matter how well-intended our personal agendas might be).


You can learn more about the United Tiny House Association, its mission & purpose, and about the upcoming 2016-2018 Tiny House Festival schedule on its website at


“You can make a BIG difference in this world, by being tiny!”, John Kernohan, Chairman, United Tiny House Association.

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