Kari Cooper

Yurt Grrl and “Gert the All Knowing Yurt”

Yurt Grrl

Kari “Yurt Grrl” Cooper brings her love of yurts and her passion for living tiny to the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival.  Many know Kari as “Yurt Grrl” from Facebook and her appearances at various events such as the Tiny House Jamboree and the inaugural Georgia Tiny House Festival.  Kari has been an attendee at the Tumbleweeds Workshop, has been an assistant at the Derek “Deek” Diedricksen Workshops, and her presentation and “Gert the All Knowing Yurt” were two of the attendee favorites at the 2016 Georgia Tiny House Festival.  Wherever she is, Yurt Grrl readily and eagerly shares her of experience in the world of tiny homes and the micro living community.

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