Mandy Lea

Mandy Lea

Full-Time Teardropper… Full-Time Photographer… Full-Time Adventurer

Mandy Lea is a professional photographer who was born with an insatiable desire to adventure. In her effort to capture the country’s beauty through her lens, she decided to buy a teardrop trailer to aid her in longer adventures. After falling in love with the teardrop lifestyle, she made the jump to full time teardrop living. Currently, Mandy travels the country in her Little Guy teardrop teaching photography workshops and photographing anything that moves her.


Mandy shares her adventures through social media and with those she meets. Her mission is to teach more than the “how to’s” of photography and tiny living, but to really inspire people to think more deeply about the moments they experience and why.


Mandy will be giving two presentations. Her first, “Why Not?”, will be a discussion of how she overcame her fear of giving everything up, endured unfortunate hardships, and followed her passion. Her second, “Life on the Road: Finding the New Balance”, will focus on creating a balance between working on the road, and living “the dream” traveling the world.


Feel free to visit Mandy online at her web site or on Facebook at

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