Vera Struck

Vera Struck

Silver Bullet Tiny House

Vera Struck has been a lifelong sustainability and environmental advocate.  She is an entrepreneur, reclamation artist, business consultant, educator, speaker, tiny house designer/builder/dweller and sustainability strategist.  Significant accomplishments include her roles in the development of several Greenbelts and County Ecology Centers, as well as her lead in the gentrification of Boston’s Innovation District, where her efforts led to the purchase of the 249 A Street Building.


It was her first pivotal reclamation project that evolved the Fort Point Arts Community, and won the 249 A Street Cooperative a Presidential Award of Excellence in 1983.  After a successful career as a serial entrepreneur, Vera semi-retired to build The Silver Bullet Tiny House/Classroom as a sustainable lifestyle educational module for the sustainable 501c3 education non-profit, terrabluteams, which she founded in 2012.


Vera has degrees from Tufts University, the SMFA and Presidio. She serves on, and raises funds for, several charitable foundations and received the Magnolia Award as Charitable Visionary in Atlanta in 2004.


Vera Struck is a tiny house designer/builder/dweller/author as well as a mother, reclamation artist and organic gardener. Her recently released eBook, “Living the Sustainable Tiny Life”, describes her tiny house journey, the Silver Bullet challenge, the details of her THOW build and what her sustainable education non-profit, terrabluteams will be accomplishing when the Silver Bullet tours.


Be sure to attend her speaking engagement, “Revelations from the Silver Bullet Tiny House Sustainable Lifestyle Tour”.  Learn how Vera’s affordable zero-waste tiny house, the Silver Bullet, is a resilient solution to the lack of affordable non-toxic housing, provides relief from the American debt culture, reduces one’s carbon footprint and provides a simpler, free and more substantive life in a world of diminishing resources.  According to Vera,“People join this movement for many reasons, the most popular are environmental and financial concerns and the desire for a simpler more substantive life with more time and freedom.  Because most Americans are tethered to their mortgages (30-50% of their income), and this translates to 15-20 years of their working life, 76% of Americans currently live paycheck to paycheck.  It’s no wonder the tiny house movement has become so popular as Americans develop partisanship and manufactured debt culture fatigue.”


Additionally, Vera will be hosting her workshop, “Design a Customized Sustainable Tiny Life”, where attendees can learn how to customize a balanced sustainable tiny life, and examine their environmental, social, economic, cultural and spiritual responsibilities.  Balance the elements of your tiny house soul with a customized intentful consciousness and fluid creative lifestyle that sustains you creatively, romantically, socially, and ethically while reducing your carbon footprint.  There will be a sign up sheet for two attendees who would like to bring their sustainable lifestyle questions and have an interactive 10-minute session afterwards.  Be ready to step up your tiny life radiance, resiliency, and mindfulness.  Be sure to bring your sense of humor, your honesty and authenticity.


Do not hesitate to learn more about Vera’s tiny house, the Silver Bullet, by visiting and the sustainable education non-profit she founded,

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