Tiny Houses

2017 Tennessee Tiny Houses

Below are some of the over 30 tiny homes, micro-houses, skoolies, DIYs, vintage campers, and other minis registered for the 2017 Tennessee Tiny House Festival, which is being held at the beautiful Audubon Acres in Chattanooga, TN.  Please check back as we will be adding more to this page.  (We apologize in advance to anyone who we may have unintentionally overlooked in getting your tiny listed on this page.)

B/W Tiny Home Builders

Tiny House Chattanooga

(Tiny House Chattanooga is bringing 4 tiny houses!)

Shorty Robbins’ “Nawaka, the Historic Victorian Tiny House”

Free Range Homes

Reid Roach’s “This Tiny US”

Trekker Trailers

(Trekker Trailers is bringing 2 gypsy wagons & a tear drop trailer!)

Kari ‘Yurt Grrl’ Cooper’s “Gert the All Knowing Yurt”

Cy Englert’s DIY Gypsy Wagon

Switchgrass Tiny Homes

(Switchgrass is bringing 2 tiny houses!)

Hilarie Kaczetow’s “Tiny Hell on Wheels”

Escape Traveler East

Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9

(See on Season 6, Episode 1, HGTV’s ‘Tiny House Big Living’, Aug. 17, 2017, @ 9PM EST.)

Jeannette Herbord’s Custom Eureka Tiny

Movable Roots

Scott Luce

(Custom DIY-Built Gypsy Wagon.)

Michele Kirk’s Custom Tiny House

Titan Tiny Homes

Sheena Henry’s and Ross Pennington’s “Method to Nomadness”

Unforgettable Tiny House

Tiny Industrial

Kathy Knoer’s Gypsy Wagon

KY Tiny Homes

Dixie Morgan’s Retro Conversion Van

Michael Burwell’s 1985 U-Haul CT-13

Matthew Thomas’s Vintage Camper

More Tiny Homes to be Posted

Kitty & Taylor Carter’s DIY Tiny House

Matt Thomas’s 1952 Spartan Spartanette

Are you interested in bringing a tiny house to the 2017 Tennessee Tiny House Festival?  If so, please download the appropriate form from the bottom of THIS PAGE and return it completed to our office.

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