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Tiny Homes

6th Annual Georgia Tiny House Festival Homes

Update (November 28, 2020): The for-charity tiny house festivals of the United Tiny House Association support and encourage ALL styles and types of tiny structures and micro residences such as, but not limited to, tiny houses on wheels (THOWs), micro tinies, skoolies/bus conversions, gypsy wagons (vardos), van conversions, foundation-based tinies, tear-drops, cargo trailer conversions, shed-to-house conversions, cargo container homes, and ALL other modalities of tiny residence.  Here are examples of the types of tiny residences that will be registered for the 6th Annual Georgia Tiny House Festival, being held March 20-21, 2021, at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia.

Private-Owned & DIY Tiny Houses on Wheels

Skoolies & Bus Conversions

Professional-Built Model Tiny Houses

Gypsy Wagons (Vardos)


Van Conversions

Shed Conversions

Tear Drops

Unique DIY Homes

Box Truck Conversions

Vintage Campers


Are you a builder or private owner of a tiny house or micro home?  Would you like to show your creation at the 2021 Georgia Tiny House Festival?  If so, please contact us at 706-623-4332 or by email at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com to request the necessary form required to participate in the 6th Annual Georgia Tiny House Festival.  Also, the appropriate online registration form is available HERE.

Please Note: The United Tiny House Association, its Board, the Georgia Tiny House Festival, the Georgia International Horse Park, and/or the employees, staff, representatives and/or agents of the before-mentioned entities are not responsible if any tiny structures registered for this event either cancels their participation, does not arrive at the event and/or is late in arriving at an event.  Also, the tiny structures pictured on this page have all either attended past tiny house festivals of the United Tiny House Association and/or are currently registered for the 2021 (6th Annual) Georgia Tiny House Festival. These photos are for representative purposes only and may, or may not, be the same exact structures coming to the 6th Annual (2021) Georgia Tiny House Festival.

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