United Tiny House Association | NOMADfest (2021) Nomadic Gathering in Georgia


NOMADfest Nomadic Gathering 2021
September 17-20, 2021
Sparta, GA USA (Exact address provided to registered participants.)
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NOMADfest will be the 23rd festival organized by John & Fin Kernohan (United Tiny House Association).


Unlike past United Tiny House Association (UTHA) festivals, NOMADfest is a private gathering (not open to the general public) for the owners of bus & van conversions, skoolies, eclectic DIY builds, tiny houses, and any other structures (not tents) people live in while traveling.

2020 Florida Tiny House Festival (Credit: VolchekShot.Me)
2017 Georgia Tiny House Festival
2019 Georgia Tiny House Festival

NOMADfest is being organized by the tiny house dynamic duo of John and Fin Kernohan (#johnandfin).  They began their tiny house love affair living aboard a narrow boat and traversing the canals of the English countryside in the UK after meeting each other when Fin was living in London and John was living in South Florida.  After Fin proposed to John and asked for his hand in marriage, they settled in the United States where they have been living in their self-built, off-grid 304sqft tiny house, known as “Beloved Cabin”, since December 2011.

They now reside on their 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay in the woods of Georgia, where they have embraced solar energy, rain water collection, methane gas production for cooking fuel, composting/soil creation, raising chickens, growing their own vegetables and fruits, solar thermal energy, and more to facilitate their off-grid and minimalist lifestyle  They have also created a tiny house community for others to come and enjoy the opportunity of staying in a unique getaway from John’s and Fin’s own personal collection of the tiny homes, yurt, tree house skoolie, and cabin they have built over the years.  They also have their towable 148sqft tiny house, the World-known “Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9“, which is both their nomadic home and, also, their tribute home honoring firefighters and emergency responders.


Fin was raised in Thailand as a Buddhist, is a vegetarian, yoga instructor, massage therapist, fitness expert, and personal trainer.  John is a retired immunologist, the handyman of the property, a skilled craftsman (his family is Amish), DIY fanatic, re-purposing expert, and an avid outdoorsman who fills the freezer throughout the year with fresh game and fish.  Together, John and Fin strongly believe it is their diversity and being so different in many aspects, as well as having so much common ground, that has created and solidified their “tiny house love affair”.


Main gate at NOMADfest 2021


John and Fin have organized 21 tiny house festivals since March 2016; including the now famous Georgia Tiny House Festivals (2016 – 2021) and the 60K+ attendee & 116 tiny structure Florida Tiny House Festivals (2016 – 2020); as well as 10 additional record-breaking for-charity tiny house festivals across the US… as well as their Nation-wide & historic TINY HOUSES across AMERICA and the first-ever FREE International Online Tiny House Festivals.

Why are we organizing a private event just for nomads and tiny home dwellers?

2019 Fire & Ice Festival

“After this past year (2020) of only organizing our two annual events in Georgia and Florida with our COVID-19 Guidelines and reduced attendees-thru-the-gate, we had a lot of feedback from homeowners how they enjoyed the smaller crowds and the ability to spend more time with their fellow-nomads and tiny home dwellers.  Because of this, and as a way of showing our thanks and appreciation for every one for being part of our events and lives over the years, we have decided to organize a “private” event just for nomads and tiny home dwellers… NOMADfest!” – John & Fin

2016 Florida Tiny House Festival

NOMADfest WILL include:
* Fellowship
* Fun
* Food & Drink
* Relaxation
* Entertainment
* Wine tasting at local winery.
* Bonfire & Effigy Burn
* Japanese Floating Lantern Release on the Lake
* Catch-and-Release Fishing Contest for Children & their Parents
* LIVE Solar Installation and everyone can watch/learn while in this installation is in progress,
* And MORE!
NOMADfest WILL NOT include:
* No Open-to-the-Public Gate (No admission ticket sales for the public to attend.)
* No Stress
* No Required Tours of Rigs/Homes (Unless you want to share with fellow-nomads and tiny homeowners who will be attending with their own rigs and homes.)

2018 Florida Tiny House Festival

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“Do something BIG in your world… by simply doing something TINY!” – John & Fin Kernohan