United Tiny House Association | 2022 Florida Suncoast Tiny Home Festival at England Brothers Park in Pinellas Park, Florida, is the premiere St. Pete and Tampa Tiny House Festival... Originally the St Pete Tiny Home Festival in the Tampa Bay and St Petersburg/Clearwater Area.

2022 Florida Suncoast Tiny Home Festival Speakers

Update (January 25, 2022): Please join tiny living enthusiasts from around the world for a weekend of INSPIRATION and INSIGHT with the INCREDIBLE line-up of SPEAKERS who will be PRESENTING and SHARING during the 2022 Florida Suncoast Tiny Home Festival.

2022 FL Speakers:

Melanie Copeland

Sat (1:00PM)

Melanie is the National Spokesperson for the Tiny House Alliance USA. She is an advocate for legal tiny living and a supporter of ASTM standards for tiny houses. After building her 144 Sq ft. tiny house on wheels in 7 days she went from living illegally to being a legal tiny house on wheels land owner. She recently published a book, Trailblazing Tiny: A Guide to Breaking Free, to help others track and create their own tiny dream. She is a DIY builder, a writer, speaker, homesteader, and runs her own wood burning business. In her spare time, she backpacks, travels, hikes and enjoys her home and land with her husband of 21+ years, along with their dog Shiloh, and her many chickens!

2022 FL Speaker:

Will Edmond

Unable to Attend

Due to a family health emergency, Will has needed to cancel his participation in this year’s Florida Suncoast Tiny Home Festival. We wish a quick and immediate recovery for his partner Austyn, and our prayers are with Will and Austyn during this trying time. To learn more about their story and Austyn’s emergency brain surgery, please visit HERE.

2022 FL Speaker:

John Kernohan

Sat&Sun (1:45PM)

John is the co-founder, along with his wife Fin, and the Chairman of the United Tiny House Association.  John and Fin are two of the truest examples of the tiny house movement… living full-time for 10+ years in their DIY, off-grid 304sqft Beloved Cabin and the owners of their 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay.  They also own the World-famous towable Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9, a second towable tiny house they call “Rocco”, two yurts, a skoolie, two Pacific Domes geodesic dome homes, and they are currently building a tree house with a grain silo.  John is a known DIY and re-purposing expert, and is an off-grid specialist.  He is also a tiny house and affordable housing advocate, and has been invited to speak at colleges and events around the Country, as well as with local state and Federal governments… including HUD in Washington DC… on the subjects of affordable housing solutions.  John and Fin have been featured on HGTV, The DIY Network, Apartment Therapy, Hobby Farms, TODAY, JEOPARDY!, The Rachel Ray Show, AOL, Yahoo, and MANY other media outlets around the World… plus, he and his wife, Fin, just wrapped filming for a new television series to debut Summer 2022 on one of the top 20 television networks.

2022 FL Speaker:

Jo-Anne Peck

Sat (2:45PM)

Jo-Anne Peck is the co-owner of Historic Shed, a custom outbuilding design-build company that creates attractive garden sheds, garages and cottages. Her work specializes in the design and construction of Tiny Houses on Foundations, with an emphasis on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) such as carriage houses and guest cottages. She is a licensed Florida Building Contractor and has degrees in Building Science and Historic Preservation.

2022 FL Speakers:

Pat Dunham

Sat (3:00PM)

Pat is known as the Tiny House Advisor… a tiny spaces consultant and specialist who is an expert in outlining ways one can live comfortably in their own small space.  Her ideas work for space-challenged living environments from tiny homes to efficiency apartments to RV’s and boats.  Long before the tiny house movement began, Pat lived a life in tiny living quarters for several years aboard a boat with her husband and six children and now lives with her husband and 35-lb dog Annie in their own 235sqft tiny house. Pat speaks on the many benefits of living small, while offering practical advice for downsizing and useful tips for creating storage solutions.

2022 FL Speaker:

Mikee & BeBe

Sun (10:45AM)

BeBe and Mikee are a mother and son who have been full-time in their skoolie, the Black Magik Bus, for 3 years.  BeBe retired in 2017 and purchased an RV to revisit many of the national parks she camped at as a youth with her family.  Mikee had dreams of building a tiny house in Asheville NC.  Every time BeBe would come back to visit NC numerous things needed repair.  In 2019 the RV was hit from behind and the propane tank imploded completely destroying the RV.  They found their Black Magik Bus in a search for safety and unexpectedly they found a family as well in the bus/skoolie/nomad community.

2022 FL Speaker:

Jeremy Ricci

Sun (2:45PM)

Returning again to the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals is Jeremy Ricci, owner of Tiny House Siesta and Tiny House Leadville! Jeremy operates tiny house vacation properties in Florida, Colorado, and is soon expanding to other locations.  Over the years, Jeremy has purchased 30+ tiny houses… some used, some new, and some custom commissioned builds. He has learned A LOT of “do’s” and “do not’s” along the way and hopes to share his experiences so others may benefit to get what they’ve bargained for and avoid some of the potential pitfalls.

2022 FL Speaker:

Travis Michelle Mattson

Sat (12:00PM)

Travis & Michelle are the founders and organizers of the Skoolie Swarm®, which is an annual gathering every February in Florida of full-time nomads and owners of skoolies, van conversions, box truck conversions and other unique mobile structures, and also in other areas of the US throughout the year.  They have been traveling in their self-built skoolies for over 4 years, and are currently living/traveling full-time for the past year in their amazing bus conversion/4-wheel jeep hauler. Travis & Michelle are known and respected throughout the nomad community as skilled bus-conversion specialists and as a couple with amazing hearts due to their outreach to others in helping established full-time nomads, new owners of buses & vans, and those considering to begin their own tiny living journeys.

2022 FL Speakers:

Suzy Beckwith

Sun (3:30PM)

Seven years ago Suzy was 49 and built her own DIY tiny house with the help of a few friends.  Suzy has lived full-time in her tiny house since day one.  She recently retired after years as the park manager of a tiny house community in Leesburg, Florida, and has been a speaker at numerous tiny house events.  Suzy is also a renowned published author and recently completed her newest book. You can following Suzy at GO LIV TINY.

2022 FL Speaker:

Debbie Caneen

Sun (1:00PM)

As a life long resident of Hillsborough County, Debbie saw the need for workforce housing and when presented with the opportunity to create a tiny home village, she could not stay on the sidelines. With many years in the Senior Housing Industry, her drive to provide housing for young people to then care for her residents, it was a great fit.  Debbie has been an active advocate for workforce housing since 2017 and continues today… and is the founder & owner of Circle Pond Tiny House Community, which is listed as one of the Top 10 Tiny House Communities in the United States by Tiny House Authority.



2022 FL Organizers:

John & Fin Kernohan


John and Fin are the Founders of the United Tiny House Association, which is the largest tiny lifestyle advocacy organization in the World with over 45K+ members.   They are the organizers of their 23 for-charity tiny house festivals, including the 2022 Florida Suncoast Tiny Home Festival, which has raised and donated over $718K+ to over 100+ charities & great causes.  They own 3 tiny houses (including the World famous Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9), 2 yurts, 2 geodesic dome homes, a skoolie, multiple cabins and a tree house on their 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay. They and their tiny home creations have been featured on HGTV, the DIY Network, GAC, TODAY, The Rachael Ray Show, Apple TV+, AOL’s “Dream Big-Live Small“, JEOPARDY!, and numerous other media outlets around the World… plus, they just wrapped filming for a new television series to debut Summer 2022 on one of the top 20 television networks. John & Fin have been living 10+ years in their Off-Grid DIY 304sqft tiny cabin, and are DIY & Re-purposing Experts, FREE Off-Grid Consultants, Philanthropists, Full-Time Tiny Lifestyle Advocates, Public Speakers; and authors of “Tiny Talks: Communicating BIG with Love & Laughter”.



Interested in learning more about the 2022 Florida Suncoast Tiny Home Festival? Please feel free to contact us at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com or by calling our office at 706-623-4332.

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