Meet theBhive Family

Meet theBhive Family

Meet theBhive Family; Matthew (8) Johnny (Husband, Dad, and Veteran), Jacob (4), Alexis (10), Chloe (7), Neko the Cat, and Shiang-Ling (Mother, Wife, and Queen Bee).⠀

Fin and I have had the hilarious and most-wonderful pleasure of becoming friends with this AWESOME family of unique individuals who define the true meanings of love, family and tribe.

In their own words, they are a military family.  Johnny was active duty until April 2018, and he is now a reservist finishing up his BA in Strategic Studies Defense Analysis. (It’s funny to watch Shiang-Ling share this as she giggles when she boasts so proudly to others about her husband.)  Johnny is the middle child of 11, and has an alter ego that his family has named Jenni (with a little “heart” over the “i”).

Shiang-Ling is a brand strategist and co-owns @thehiveandco (on Instagram) with one of her best friends.  She is wild and loud. (Seriously – she is WILD and LOUD!)  She likes to say she’s not yelling, but you might think differently once you meet her. HA!

Alexis is an animal lover.  When we met her, she was so proud to introduce us to her a corn snake and made it clear she wants more.  (YIKES!)  She is also a crafter, loves to sing and is restarting her small business of creating super cute polymer magnet sets.  (We can hardly wait to see these for sale at one of our tiny house festivals!)⠀

Matthew currently wants to learn about combustion engines and circuits. He is writing a book and really wants a 3-piece suit. (This guy has some seriously professional-oriented goals!)

Chloe loves My Little Pony and will bleach-clean and organize your whole house if you asked her. (Okay, Fin and I need her to come and hang out at our place for a day.)  She’s mini –  but seriously mighty. (Her Dad calls her a powerhouse, and it is easy to see why he does.)  Chloe loves competition and out-doing her siblings.  She has a cat named “Neko”, who was formerly named “Hazel” because Chloe and her family thought he was a she. (Just how Fin and I previously named one of our cats “Mommy” until we took her into the vet and was told he was not a she.  We now call him “Monet”.)

Jacob is deceptively sweet and hilariously witty. He LOVES PJ Mask and his iPad. He can’t resist giving his Mom as a kiss if Shiang-Ling purses her lips and waits. ⠀

Thebhive Family embarked last year on their nomadic lifestyle and are excitingly touring the USA in their converted 2000 Thomas School Bus… which is a GORGEOUS conversion by the way!  Johnny and Shiang-Ling want their children to have a more worldly perspective and learn about other cultures. Their goal is to raise well-rounded and intelligent individuals who strive to contribute to our society.

Fin and I instantly bonded and became friends with Johnny, Shiang-Ling and their children when we first met at our 2018 (3rd Annual) Florida Tiny House Music Festival.  We are so excited theBhive Family will be hanging out with us again at the Tiny LIVING Festival – Tennessee 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee, on June 1-2, at Nissan Stadium!

Want to get to know theBhive Family more and follow their adventures as a family living tiny?  You can join them on Instagram at @thebhivefamily and on Facebook at thebhive Family.