2018 Georgia Tiny House Festival Speakers

Updated: January 18, 2018

Here are the incredibly talented and exciting Speakers scheduled to present at the 2018 Georgia Tiny House Festival.

2018 Georgia Saturday Keynote:

OMG!  We Can’t Believe He is Coming!


2018 Georgia Sunday Keynote:

Will Johnston

Founder Tiny House Atlanta.

2018 Georgia Speakers:

Alexis DeHart Stephens & Christian Parsons

Tiny House Expedition Film Makers, Community Educators, Tiny Lifestyle Advocates, Tiny Homeowners, the “World’s Most Travelled Tiny House”, and Creators of the ‘Living Tiny Legally’ Film Documentary Series.

2018 Georgia Speaker:

She is going to be great!

Holy ‘Totally Amazing Speaker’ Batman!

2018 GA Speaker:

Elizabeth Singleton

Build Us Hope, Defender of the Homeless and Disabled, Build us Hope – Housing Opportunities Provided for Everyone, Tiny House Owner, Creator of Affordable Housing, Tiny House Lifestyle Advocate.

2018 GA Speaker:

Andrew Bennett

Owner of Trekker Trailers, Co-Founder NOAH, Tiny House Builder, Tear-Drop Camper Builder, Gypsy Wagon Builder, Regular Guest on DIY Channel and HGTV.

2018 GA Presenter:

Susan Schaefer Bernardo

Author of the children’s book, “The BIG Adventures of Tiny House“.

2018 GA Speaker:

Jenn Baxter

2018 GA Speaker:

Felice Cohen

Living Large in Any Space, Author of the best-selling book, “90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)”.

2018 GA Speaker:

Mandy “Teardrop Queen” Lea

Mandy Lea Photography, Full-Time Teardropper, Explorer, Professional Photographer.

2018 GA Speaker:

Shan Shepard

Black Girl’s Journey to Living Tiny, Tiny Home Owner, Tiny House Dweller, Native Atlantan.

2018 GA Speaker:

Kari “Yurt Grrl” Cooper

Yurt Living Guru, Tiny Lifestyle Expert, Musician, and Artist.

2018 GA Speaker:

Pat Dunham

Tiny House Advisor, Storage & Organization Consultant and Tiny House Advisor.

2018 GA Speaker:

Sandi Blankenship

WanderLust Bus, Skoolie Owner, Full-Time Bus Dweller, This Midwife’s Travels, Tiny Home-Based Business Owner.

2018 GA Speaker:

Ethan Waldman

The Tiny House (Think Big… Build Small), Tiny House Utilities Expert, Tiny House Builder, Tiny Home Design Expert.

2018 GA Speaker:

Leanne Stephens

Tiny Houses and Beyond, Transportation & Logistics Expert, Downsizing Expert.

2018  Georgia “6-9-6” Session

1 Hour of Non-Stop Information: 6 Speakers… 9 Minutes per Speaker… 6 Unique Topics!

Q&A Panels:

Builders & Trade Experts Panel


Private Home Owners Panel

Ask Builders, Transportation/Logistic Experts, Trailer Manufacturers, and Other Trade Professionals the Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answered.


Ever Wondered What it’s Really Like to Live Tiny?  Have a Question About the Realities of Living Tiny You Haven’t Found the Answer to Online?   Want to Hear Directly from Someone Who is Actually Living in a Tiny House or Who Has Had One Built?  This is Your Chance to Hear Directly From Home Owners!

2018 GA Tiny House Festival Organizer and Speaker:

Shorty Robbins

Nawaka Tiny Historic House, Historic Reenactor, Board Member of the United Tiny House Association, Co-Organizer of the Florida Tiny House Festival.

2018 GA Tiny House Festival Organizers and Speakers:

John & Fin Kernohan

Tiny Fire House – Station No. 9, Beloved Cabin Tiny House, Founders & Chairpersons of the United Tiny House Association, Founders & Co-Organizers of the Florida Tiny House Festival, Owners of Tiny House Rescuers, and featured on “Tiny House Big Living” (Season 6; Episode 1).

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