The following are some of the most common questions (and the answers to these questions) asked about the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals.  We look forward to answering any additional questions anyone might have regarding our events.


Q: Who is behind the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals?
A: The For-Charity Tiny House Festivals are the brain-child of the United Tiny House Association, its Founders, John and Fin Kernohan, and Board Member Shorty Robbins. The For-Charity Tiny House Festivals are not vendor-organized events, nor are they designed to promote or advertise any certain company or product. Instead, the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals are a celebration of the tiny house movement.


The primary purposes of the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals are:


~ To support and encourage those currently living their tiny home dream and those who dream of someday living tiny.

~ Venues for exposing the tiny house community to many of the leaders and trailblazers within the realm of micro living.

~ Allow individuals to experience what it is really like to be inside a tiny structure.

~ Provide attendees an opportunity to view and tour ALL modalities of living tiny, whether it be tiny houses on wheels (THOWs), foundation-based tiny homes, skoolies & bus conversions, yurts, gypsy wagons, tear drops, full-time RV living, van conversions, vintage campers, and a multitude of DIY tiny structures.

~ To introduce everyone in attendance to ideas and options they might not have previously considered.

~ A source of networking and shared resources for everyone.

~ To create a financial resource for local communities and charities.



Q: Is it true your organization has put together the World’s 3 largest tiny house festivals?
A: Yes, of our 8 events to date, our 2016 (1st Annual) Florida Tiny Festival, our 2017 (2nd Annual) Florida Tiny House Festival, and our 2018 (3rd Annual) Georgia Tiny House Festival are the three largest tiny house festivals on record in the World.  This is based on attendance and total number of tiny structures at each event:

World’s Largest: 2017 (2nd Annual) Florida Tiny House Festival (60K+ Attendees & 116 Tiny Structures)

World’s Second Largest: 2016 (1st Annual) Florida Tiny House Festival (60K+ Attendees & 97 Tiny Structures)

World’s Third Largest: 2018 (3rd Annual) Georgia Tiny House Festival (30K+ Attendees & 92 Tiny Structures)



Q: When and where are the next For-Charity Tiny House Festivals being held?
A: The next For-Charity Tiny House Festivals currently scheduled are:


4th Annual BIG MASS Tiny House Festival
Plymouth Rock Area
September 28-30, 2018
Marshfield Fairgrounds
140 Main St, Marshfield, MA 02050
140 Main Street, Marshfield, MA 02050
Click HERE for the 4th Annual BIG MASS Tiny House Festival’s Facebook Event Page.


Kick-Off Party: 2018 Florida Tiny House & Music Festival
Sarasota-Tampa Bay Area
November 10, 2018
Hillsborough Community College Southside Campus
551 24th St NE, Ruskin, FL 33570
Click Here for the Kick-Off Party: 2018 Florida Tiny House & Music Festival.


2018 (3rd Annual) Florida Tiny House & Music Festival
Northeast Florida-St. Augustine Area
November 16-18, 2018
St. John’s County Fairgrounds
5840 State Road 207, Elkton, FL 32033
Click HERE for the 2018 Florida Tiny House & Music Festival’s Event Page.


Louisiana Tiny House Festival 2018
New Orleans Area
December 7-9, 2018
Heritage Park
5840 State Road 207, Slidell, LA 32033
Click HERE for the Louisiana Tiny House Festival 2018’s Event Page.



Q: Can I, my business or my employer become a sponsor of the for-charity tiny house festivals?
A: Yes, sponsors are a welcome part of our events.  In fact, because of the sponsors who bless our events, the for-charity tiny house festivals are able to be of more benefit to so many individuals, charities, non-profits, communities, and great causes. The different levels of sponsorship for each of our organization’s tiny house festivals are:


Title Sponsor (1 Opportunity per Festival)
Champion Sponsor (1 Opportunity per Festival)
Town Sponsor (2 Opportunities per Festival)
Village Sponsor (3 Opportunities per Festival)
Special Activity Sponsor (1 Opportunity per Festival)



Q: What are the hours for the Tiny House Festivals?
A: Unless otherwise stated for a specific event, and with the exception of the 2018 Tiny House Music Festival, the hours of each For-Charity Tiny House Festival are:


Friday: 9AM – 12PM (FREE School Day Session/Pre-Registration Required)
Friday: 12PM – 5PM ($10.00 Early Bird Admission)
Friday: 5PM – 8PM (FREE Admission)
Saturday: 9AM – 6PM (Paid Admission) + Authorized/Pre-Announced FREE Admissions
Sunday: 9AM – 6PM (Paid Admission)
Saturday & Sunday: 6PM (Gates Close and Event is Over for the Day.)



Q: Will there be tiny houses I can see?
A: Yes, most definitely!  We ALWAYS have both privately-owned tiny houses and vendor-provided tiny houses. Both groups of tiny houses are available for attendees to look at, view inside, and ask questions about. (Tiny homes will be available for viewing during all three days of this year’s event.)  The complete list of all the incredible tiny houses participating in our Tiny House Festivals can be found by following the Tiny Houses link for each Tiny House Festival.



Q: Do I have to buy a ticket to attend the Tiny House Festivals?
A: Friday evening/night is FREE and open to everyone. Saturday and Sunday requires attendees to either purchase tickets on-line or at the gate for attendees ages 13 and older.


The following are eligible for FREE and/or discounted admission throughout the entire weekend at our Tiny House Festivals:

~ Children ages 12 and under.

~ Active & Retired Military with Valid Photo ID Card.

~ Active & Retired Law Enforcement with Valid Photo ID Card.

~ Active & Retired Fire Fighters & EMTs with Valid Photo ID Card.

~ Ages 60 and older get 50% off at the gate with a valid photo ID card.



Q: Do I have to register for Friday night’s FREE session?
A: No, Friday nights are FREE unless stated otherwise, at ALL of our Tiny House Festivals.  No registration is required for Friday night (unless stated otherwise).  Just come on out and enjoy the evening at our Tiny House Festivals.


During Friday evening’s/night’s FREE session you can view the tiny houses in attendance, talk with the owners and builders of tiny houses, check all of the other vendors participating, enjoy the great food that will be available for purchase from the various food concessions, and enjoy whatever entertainment that might be provided.


*Note: During Friday night’s FREE session, there are no workshops or presentations.



Q: Will there be a cut-off for how many people can attend the Tiny House Festivals?
A: Attendance caps depend on the venue for each of our Tiny House Festivals. Please keep in mind pre-purchasing on-line for Saturday and Sunday guarantees access and participation at the event.



Q: Can I purchase my tickets for Saturday and/or Sunday on-site at the Tiny House Festivals instead of pre-purchasing on-line beforehand?
A: Yes, admission tickets are available for purchase at the gate.  Please keep in mind pre-purchasing on-line helps guarantee your attendance in case of an unlikely sellout.  Also, the admission line for pre-purchase on-line ticket sales typically moves much quicker at the gate.



Q: What type of tickets are available and what do they cost?
A: There are different ticket levels and each have their own associated prices. A complete description of tickets and their prices can be found HERE.



Q: Can I stay over-night at the Tiny House Festival?
A: Depending on the venue location, on-site camping (both primitive and sites with RV/camper hook-ups [water/power]) is usually available.  All camping reservations should be made on-line though our web site since we may not have any sites available at the time of the event.  Additionally, a list of campgrounds and hotels located in the area of our Tiny House Festivals can be found on the Accommodations Page for each of our Tiny House Festivals and events.


If you are the owner of a tiny home and would like to stay on-site during the event, please see below on this page for information.



Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Unless otherwise stipulated, well-behaved dogs are allowed and welcomed to our Tiny House Festivals as long as they are on a leash at all times and they are cleaned up after.  Also, exhibitors reserve the right to not allow dogs in their area.



Q: Are children allowed?
A: Absolutely! Children are welcome with open arms to our Tiny House Festivals.  In fact, children who are ages 12 and under get in for FREE throughout the entire weekend.  Also, Friday between 9AM-2PM at all our Tiny House Festivals unless otherwise stated, is open FREE exclusively and ONLY to homeschool students, private school students, and public school students (all ages 5 – 18), and their chaperones and teachers.  You must pre-register by following the appropriate link for the FREE School Day at Tiny House Festival your student wants to attend on the page found HERE.



Q: Who will be presenting and speaking at the Tiny House Festivals?
A: The Tiny House Festivals offer some of main movers and shakers in the tiny house movement, as well as individuals with incredible stories and personal insights of living tiny and owning a tiny house. You can see experts, experienced tiny house dwellers, and everyone else who will be presenting at our Tiny House Festivals on the Speakers Page for each of our Tiny House Festivals.



Q: How can I be a volunteer during the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals?
A: The For-Charity Tiny House Festivals are greatly appreciative of the many people who volunteer their time to help make our events successful.  Without offer some of main movers and shakers in the tiny house movement, as well as individuals without these dedicated individuals, the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals would be hard to accomplish.  As a sign of our appreciation, anyone who volunteers during our events receives a FREE full weekend admission pass, a cool t-shirt, food & drink during their volunteer time, and we donate $10.00 per each hour of a volunteer’s time to the local charity of their choice.  To sign up to be a volunteer and to identify your charity of choice, please follow the appropriate link HERE.



Q: What will be happening during the Tiny House Festivals?
A:  The Tiny House Festivals are jam packed full of activities, speakers, entertainment, workshops, tiny house tours, and more!  A complete list of the 3-day schedule and activities are posted by following the Schedule link for each Tiny House Festival.



Q: What tiny house builders and vendors will be at the Tiny House Festivals?
A: A complete list of all the incredible tiny house builders, organizations, and vendors who participate in our Tiny House Festivals can be found by following the Vendors link for each Tiny House Festival.



Q: I have a disability. Is there easy access for me?
A: Yes, there is a drop off area – and a disabled parking area for clearly identified vehicles.



Q: What can I bring?
A: Be sure to bring your enthusiasm and excitement. You might also want to bring either a lawn chair, sun screen, beach blanket or beach towel. Also, there will be many vendors and food concessions making their products and services available for purchase.



Q: What can’t I bring?
A: As like most other music festivals and events the size of the for-charity Tiny House Festivals, we ask no firearms, weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol be brought by attendees to our Tiny House Festivals.  (Note: This has been asked since the very first of our Tiny House Festival years ago and we thank everyone for honoring this request.)  Additionally, no coolers are allowed through the front gate.  (On-site campers may have coolers and alcoholic beverages in their campsites unless announced otherwise.)



Q: What if it rains?
A: Rain or shine, our Tiny House Festivals will go on. 🙂



Q: May I bring my own tiny house to the Tiny House Festival?
A: Yes!  Anyone who owns a tiny house, skoolie/bus conversion, vintage camper, yurt, DIY tiny home, etc., and would like to bring it to our Tiny House Festival can do so and stay on-site for the entire weekend for FREE… and also receive FREE weekend passes!  All we ask in return is for you to open your tiny house to the attendees so they may view it and ask you questions about your tiny living experience.  If you would like to bring your tiny house to any of our Tiny House Festivals, please contact us at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com.



Q: I have a product or service I would like to share with the attendees of the Tiny House Festivals. How can I become a vendor at one of your events?
A: Please contact us at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com so we may provide you a Vendor Registration Form.  Also, registration forms are available HERE.



Q: How can I become a speaker/presenter at one of your events?
A: Please contact us at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com to request a Speakers Registration Form so you may be considered as a Speaker for one of our upcoming Tiny House Festivals.



Q: If I do not register as a vendor or participant, can I still come to the Tiny House Festival to promote my business, company, tiny house event and/or hand out my business cards, flyers or brochures?
A: No!  You must first obtain permission from the appropriate Board Member of the United Tiny House Association.  The vendors and participants who have taken the time to officially register for our Tiny House Festivals have invested their time and resources in providing the attendees access to their quality products and services.  Because of this, we must insist anyone who is not registered as a vendor not come to our Tiny House Festivals with the intent to promote their business, service, product or event.  At the same time, if you have a product or service that is of direct benefit to the tiny house and micro living community and you are not a registered vendor, please contact us within 2 weeks before our events so you may coordinate having your marketing materials available through our official information booth.



Q: Will there be tiny houses for sale at the Tiny House Festivals?
A: Yes, both privately owned and vendor owned tiny homes are for sale during our events.*


* Note: Neither the United Tiny House Association, nor any of the organizers and/or officers, are involved and/or responsible for the sale of tiny houses during our events.  All sales and financial commitments are between the buyer and the seller.



Q: Why are these events called the “For-Charity Tiny House Festivals”?
A: The For-Charity Tiny House Festivals, organized by the United Tiny House Association, were founded by John & Fin Kernohan and the Board of the United Tiny House Association as a way to channel the popularity of tiny houses, and The Kernohans’ & their Board’s personal tiny lifestyles, as a means of philanthropy to raise funds for multiple worthwhile causes.


To date, 100% of ALL revenue (Gross Proceeds) from the 2016 & 2017 Georgia Tiny House Festivals have been given away to the local communities where those two Georgia Tiny House Festivals have been held; and to various charities, non-profits, and great causes.  Not a single cent (not even to pay bills) from those two Georgia Tiny House Festivals has been retained by The Kernohans or the United Tiny House Association.


From net proceeds (after bills are paid) of all the other For-Charity Tiny House Festivals of the United Tiny House Association, donations and contributions are made to a multitude of charities, non-profits, and great causes.  To date, over $500K has been given away by the for-charity tiny house festivals.  The following are just some of the organizations, causes and charities the United Tiny House Association has supported through its For-Charity Tiny House Festivals:


~ Tiny House Scholarship (Founded & Endowed by the United Tiny House Association.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a college-bound public, private or homeschooled student.)
~ The Exodus Road
~ Purchased Equipment, such as AEDs, for Fire Departments
~ Raised Funds for Various Fire Departments
~ Habitat for Humanity (Multiple Locations)
~ All Souls Episcopal Care Center
~ Alzheimer’s Association
~ Animal Welfare Institute
~ Destiny’s Bridge
~ Eastern Florda State College Alumni Association
~ Grateful 4 Grace
~ Global Water
~ Hands On Jacksonville (Relief for Hurricanes Matthew & Irma)
~ Hastings Homebound
~ Hillsborough Community College Foundation
~ Infinite Trees Project
~ Patriot Service Dogs, Jacksonville
~ S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue
~ SCA Castlemere
~ St. Johns County Humane Society
~ St. Johns Presbyterian
~ Seamark Ranch
~ Starlight Foundation
~ Tiny House Expedition
~ Trees for the Future
~ Audubon Acres
~ Hurricane Harvey Relief
~ Cuts for Change
~ Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga
~ GreenSpaces
~ Epilepsy Foundation
~ Don’t Count Me Out
~ Mercy Ships
~ ALS Society
~ Sacred Selection
~ Chattanooga Humane Society
~ Chattanooga Community Kitchen
~ A Step Ahead Chattanooga
~ Funded 100% of Construction of a Tiny House for a Homeless Veteran
~ Save the Whales
~ Save the Pandas
~ Save the Tigers
~ Tiny House Build for a Displaced Hurricane Harvey Family
~ Tiny Dog House on Wheels Raffle for Dry Dog Food for Animal Shelters (The Tiny Dog House on Wheels Raffle has been done at every For-Charity Tiny House Festival since the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival.)
~ And Other Charities & Great Causes



Q: I am a participant in your events, and each time my name and my company name is posted on your web site I get contacted by other tiny house events asking me to be involved in their events.  Sometimes they have insinuated or implied they are somehow associated to your events.  Is this true?
A: No, we are not associated or partnered with any events other than our organization’s own For-Charity Tiny House Festivals, which are always listed under the previously answered question on this page.


As many people know, we do help and support other events in the tiny house movement, and have even created a Facebook page where tiny house events can submit their information for others to see.


Unfortunately, there have been a couple of events that have been organized by entities not related in any way to our organization, where the organizers have copied our events so much that some people have become confused as to which one is ours and which one is not.


Also, some events go through our web site and contact our vendors, speakers and the tiny homes registered for our events to participate their events, which can make it appear to the unsuspecting eye that there is a relationship between their and our events.


Additionally, there have been a couple events where the organizers have mislead people into believing their events are someone how related to our events by using our organization’s name and/or the names of some of the members of our Board.


Again, if an event is not listed on www.unitedtinyhouse.com, then it is not one of our events.


If anyone ever has any questions in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.  As always, we thank everyone for their support of our For-Charity Tiny House Festivals.