United Tiny House Association | United Tiny House Association... arguably the world's largest tiny house support organization and tiny lifestyle advocacy group with over 45,000 members.

7th Annual Georgia Tiny House Festival

April 30-May 1, 2022

Tennessee Tiny House MUSIC Festival

June 18-19, 2022

Florida Suncoast Tiny Home Festival

January 29-30, 2022

Tiny Houses & Unique Moveable Homes

Vendors, Artisans, & Food Concessions!

Bus/Van Conversions & More!

Talks, Presentations, Entertainment, & More!

Event Organizers:

The Kernohans

John & Fin Kernohan are the Founders and Chairpersons of the 45K+ membership United Tiny House Association.  They have been living the past 10+ years in their DIY, 304sqft tiny home known as Beloved Cabin and together they have created their 16-acre tiny house homestead community in the woods of Georgia.  John and Fin are the creators and owners of the World-famous 148sqft towable Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9 and founded Tiny House Rescuers.  They are leading advocates & experts on zoning and coding in how they relate to tiny houses; DIY & off-grid experts; John is an outdoorsman as well as a being an award-wining and recognized successful businessman (John retired at the age of 49 after selling his medical research laboratory); Fin is a yogi, personal trainer, and acclaimed interior decorator. John & Fin, and their tiny homes & bus conversions, can be seen on HGTV’s “Tiny House Big Living”, the DIY Network, TODAY, Apartment Therapy, GAC, The Rachael Ray Show, JEOPARDY!, AOL’s “Dream Big-Live Small“; and on many news outlets around the World.  John and Fin are also the authors of “Tiny Talks: Communicating BIG with Love & Laughter”.  They also have 2 yurts, 3 tiny houses on wheels, a skoolie, and and two dome homes available for short-term vacation rentals on their 16-acre Georgia homestead.  They are the organizers of the 23 for-charity tiny house festivals, as well as the annual NOMADfest, and have donated OVER $718K from the gate proceeds of their 23 for-charity tiny house festivals to over 100+ charities, great causes, and the local communities where they host heir events.

Melanie Copeland

Melanie is the National Spokesperson for the Tiny House Alliance USA. She is an advocate for legal tiny living and a supporter of ASTM standards for tiny houses. After building her 144 Sq ft. tiny house on wheels in 7 days she went from living illegally to being a legal tiny house one wheels land owner. She recently published a book, Trailblazing Tiny: A Guide to Breaking Free, to help others track and create their own tiny dream. She is a DIY builder, a writer, speaker, homesteader, and runs her own wood burning business. In her spare time, she backpacks, travels, hikes and enjoys her home and land with her husband of 21+ years, along with their dog Shiloh, and her many chickens!

Jo-Anne Peck

Jo-Anne is the owner of Historic Shed and is an expert on helping to take the mystery out of Zoning and Building Codes for both the DIYer and those considering hiring a contractor to build their little dream home in Florida.  She discusses topics such as: What you can build, where, researching a property’s zoning, minimum room sizes, egress requirements, lofts/ stairs, required clearances for fixtures, product approvals, construction drawings, permitting process, inspections during the build, and more.  Jo-Anne’s emphasis will be on Tiny Houses on Foundations, but much can also be applied to Tiny Homes on Wheels.

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