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2019 Georgia Tiny House Festival Speakers

Update (February 27, 2019): This is the final and complete roster of the incredibly talented and exciting Speakers scheduled to present at the 2019 (4th Annual) Georgia Tiny House Festival.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Michael Fuehrer

(3-Day Skoolie Build Workshop)

Michael travels the country full-time in his converted bus (skoolie), is an advocate of the tiny house movement, Navigationnowhere, Skoolie Owner, Full-Time Bus Dweller, Tiny Home-Based Business Owner.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Sheena Henry

(Sunday, 2:00PM)

Owner of Methodtonomadness. One of the few (if only) women in the tiny house movement to build and live in a tiny house on wheels, a skoolie (bus conversion) and van conversion. Sheena lives tiny full-time while also having a successful career.  She came to international attention with her second tiny house on wheels, Methodtonomadness, after her very first tiny house was

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Andrew Bennett

(Friday, 3:00PM)

(Saturday, 11:15AM)

Owner of Trekker Trailers, Co-Founder Bildsworth International Tiny House Inspection Services, Co-Owner Core Housing Solutions, Tiny House Builder, Tear-Drop Camper Builder, Gypsy Wagon Builder, 25+ Years Experience Building Mobile Living Structures, Regular Guest on DIY Channel and HGTV.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Andrea Burns

(Saturday, 2:00PM)

Tomato Box Tiny House, Tiny House Owner, Critical Thinking Expert, DIY Tiny House Builder, Artist, Consultant, Homeless Advocate.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Yvette Stokes

(Friday, 1:00PM)

(Sunday, 3:00PM)

Published Author, Off-Gridder, First-Hand Experienced Emergency Evacuation Expert, Full-Time A-Liner.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Barbara Reilly

(Friday, 3:00PM)

(Sunday, 12:00PM)

Bildsworth International Tiny House Inspection Services, Tiny House Inspections Pioneer & Expert, Tiny Lifestyle Advocate, DIY Support Consultant.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Leanne Stephens

(Friday, 4:00PM)

(Saturday, 12:00PM)

Tiny Houses and Beyond, Downsizing Expert, Co-Founder Laura’s Little Houses, Tiny House Blogger, Author of Cooking in Small Spaces.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Felice Cohen

(Saturday, 3:15PM)

Living Large in Any Space, Author of the best-selling book, “90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)”, and Downsizing Expert.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Pat Dunham

(Sunday, 4:00PM)

Tiny House Advisor, Storage & Organization Consultant and Tiny House Advisor.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Chris Schapdick

(3-Day Skoolie Build Workshop)

Chris is a former corporate guy turned tiny house builder, author, speaker and coach.  He feels most at home in the Catskills region on NY, but creates his various tiny houses at his workshop in Clifton NJ.  Reach out to him and connect about your own tiny house journey through his company Tiny Industrial.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Roman Weaver

(3-Day Skoolie Build Workshop)

With a background in contracting, framing, electrical, and movie set building (among others), Roman built his skoolie (Little Groundhog) in only 5 1/2 months. It was with this accrued knowledge that Roman set our to share with those wanting to build their own skoolies and teach those that needed help.

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Luke Davis

(3-Day Skoolie Build Workshop)

Luke Davis of the ‘Midwest Wanderers‘, and owner of SKOOLIE.COM, is the mastermind behind his own personal bus. Having lived in it for almost three years, and clocking 30,000 miles, Luke knows exactly what it takes to build a safe, reliable and functional skoolie. Luke is a true old world craftsman with a passion for building just about anything. He has worked in the trades for over 10 years in Chicago as a pipe-fitter, multi-certified welder, fabricator, licensed medical gas installer, licensed plumber, electrical work, HVAC service tech, and experienced job foreman for multi-million dollar projects. Beyond that Luke has years of experience as a hobbyist motorcycle builder, blacksmith, bladesmith, leather-crafter, machinist and fine furniture maker.


2019 Georgia Speaker:

Ron Burger

(Saturday, 10:30AM)

Ron Burger, owner of Safe Haven RV Park in Macon, GA, which is 42 acres of country right in the city, will share his Big Plans for his Tiny Community… and the new planned purposeful development ahead, as well as permaculture, community gardens, club house, fishing pond, and more… all designed with tiny homes in mind!

2019 Georgia Speaker:

Will Johnston

(Saturday, 4:00PM)

Executive Director of the MicroLife Institute and a thought leader/innovator in the micro living world.  Over the past four years, his organization has enabled policy change and brought acceptance of micro structures in Georgia through events, projects and advocacy. His philosophy is allowing people to think outside the box by putting them in one.

2019 Georgia Shed/Portable Building Conversion Workshop

(Sunday, 12:00PM)

Description to be posted.

2019 Georgia Off-Grid Workshop

(Sunday, 12:45PM)

John Kernohan, Beloved Cabin and the Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9, shares the 7 years of trials, tribulations, successes, failures, and the lessons learned, of his and his wife Fin’s off-grid lifestyle with Solar Energy, Rain Water Collection, Compositing Toilets, DIY Septic Systems, Gardening, and more, in the humorous, personal and entertaining way for which John is known.

2019 Georgia Home Owners Panel

(Sunday, 11:15AM)

Listen and learn for those who actually walk the tiny walk and not just talk.  The owners of skoolies, van conversions, tiny houses, and other modalities of micro homes shares their experiences, expertise, adventures, trials, tribulations, and accomplishments in a humorous, personal, and inspirational sharing of themselves followed by a Q&A session. (Photo taken at the Louisiana Tiny House Festival in December 2018.)

2019 Georgia Workshop: Tiny House Design

(Saturday, 11:15AM)

Come hear and learn from expert Andrew Bennett (Core Housing Solutions and Trekker Trailers), a proven professional with over 25 years of success in the world of tiny house builds and creations.  Real designs. Practical designs. Valid & proven designs. Nothing pie-in-the-sky. Nothing from someone who has never actually built a tiny home, nor from someone without actual long-term and hands-on experience in building quality tiny homes.

Legal Tiny Living: It’s in Your Hand!

(Saturday, 12:45PM)

John Kernohan will be sharing on zoning, the legalities of living tiny, and how you too can live, and afford, your tiny dream… whatever yours may be!  Come listen from someone who actually does live his tiny dream, along with his wife Fin, on their own land… and who have done so LEGALLY for the past 7+ years.  Learn how you too can become an advocate for legal tiny living, not just for yourself, but for the tiny house community on a whole.  Your tiny dream is in your hand!”

Cooking in Small Spaces Presentation

(Saturday, 12:00PM)

After the HUGELY POSITIVE response to her presentation at the 2018 Florida Tiny House Festival, Leanne Stephens, Author of Cooking in Small Spaces, returns again with her live Cooking in Small Spaces Presentation.  Please join Leanne at United Tiny House Rentals’s Gypsy Wagon Outdoor Kitchen for a fun, interactive, practical and YUMMY discussion and presentation of cooking in small spaces. (We thank the sponsor of this presentation, Tupperware, for its support of the tiny house community.)

2019 Georgia Speakers:

Meagan & Ben Poirier

(Friday, 2:00PM)

The Wild Drive Life, Meag and Ben, along with their dog Moose, work and travel full-time in their 1989 mobile command center turned off-grid tiny home. They’re passionate about building and sharing their life of physical, mental and financial health. They’ve been on the road for over a year and are currently preparing for a northbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. They share how they built a foundation for their nomadic lifestyle by paying off $100,000 of debt in 3.5 years, shifting their financial mindset, learning mobile income skills… and more.

LIVE 3-Day Skoolie Build Workshop


Join full-time skoolie traveler and road adventurer, Michael Fuhrer (NavigationNoWhere), and fellow-instructors Luke Davis (Skoolie.Com), Chris Schapdick (Tiny Industrial) & Roman Weaver (Little Groundhog), for 3 days of learning the basic of converting a school bus into a skoolie (RV).  These four individuals are known throughout the community as the “go-to” experts for bus conversions, off-grid applications, and skoolie/tiny house build solutions.  Whether you sign up for the full hands-on 3 days, or sit in on one of the no-hands-on talks of the weekend, or just want to watch the conversion in progress, this is sure to be an educational, inspirational, and awesome experience for those wanting to do their own bus conversion, tiny house build, DIY fans, or anyone interested in other types of moveable home builds.

3-day Workshop Covers:
~ Seat Removal
~ Interior Panel Removal
~ Window Removal & Resealing
~ Basic Electrical Wiring
~ Basic Flex Plumbing
~ Framing & Wood-to-Metal Fabrication
~ Solar Applications
~ And MORE!

Note: Each registration includes one FULL weekend admission to the 2019 Georgia Tiny House Festival.  Also, each participant will need to provide their own pair of leather protective gloves and safety goggles.


2019 Georgia Tiny House Festival Organizers & Speakers:

John & Fin Kernohan

Founders of the United Tiny House Association; Organizers of the 2019 Georgia Tiny House Festival; Owners of Tiny House Rescuers; Owners of the Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9; Featured on HGTV’s “Tiny House Big Living”, the DIY Network, TODAY, The Rachael Ray Show, AOL’s “Dream Big-Live Small“; Living 7+ Years Full-Time in their Off-Grid 304sqft Beloved Cabin; DIY Experts; FREE Off-Grid Consultants; Philanthropists; Full-Time Tiny Lifestyle Advocates; Public Speakers; and the release for their book, “Our Tiny House Love Affair”, is scheduled for early 2019.

4th Annual (2019) Georgia Tiny House Festival

Macon, Georgia

March 1-3, 2019

Friday, March 1 (12PM – 8PM)

Saturday, March 2 (9AM – 6PM)

Sunday, March 3 (9AM – 6PM)

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