United Tiny House Association | NOMADfest (2021) Nomadic Gathering in Georgia




NOMADfest Nomadic Gathering (2021)*
Friday – Monday (September 17-20, 2021)
Oasis Family Farm (Exact address provided to registered rigs & homes.)
Sparta, Georgia 31087 USA


~ Friday, September 17, 2021*
8:00AM – Gate Opens
Set-Up, Roll-In, and Getting Situated (All Day)
Music & Entertainment (Towards the evening)
Japanese Floating Lantern Ceremony & Release (After sunset around 8:30PM)


~ Saturday, September 18, 2021*
Catch-and-Release Fishing Tournament for Children & Their Parents
Water Games: Balloons, Squirt Guns, Pools
Music & Entertainment
Community Pot-Luck Dinner
Bonfire & Effigy Burn


~ Sunday, September 19, 2021*
Catch-n-Release Fishing Tournament for Kids
Music & Entertainment
Community Pot-Luck Dinner


~ Monday, September 20, 2021*
Break-Down & Roll-Out
2:00PM – Venue needs to be vacated by 2:00PM.


Click HERE to complete and submit your NOMADfest Online Registration Form.
Click HERE to pay your NOMADfest Registration Fee. ($40.00 online and $50.00 at the gate during the event.)


Please remember, only those registered to bring their rigs/homes to NOMADfest are able to attend and stay onsite. Be sure to complete your registration form HERE and pay your registration fee HERE if you intend on attending NOMADfest.


* Note: This schedule is subject to change.


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