United Tiny House Association | Earn BIG money as a TINY House Host on Airbnb

Earn BIG money as a TINY House Host on Airbnb

Earn BIG money as a TINY House Host on Airbnb

Earn BIG Money as a TINY House Host on Airbnb
💥 Join John and Fin Kernohan in being TINY House Hosts on Airbnb.  CLICK HERE* to Join for FREE! 💥

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 Host a tiny house on Airbnb…

Tiny houses are stand-alone houses of all shapes and sizes with compact interior living spaces, usually less than 400 square feet or 37 square meters. Hosting a tiny house on Airbnb provides guests with a one-of-a-kind experience in an efficiently laid-out, creatively-designed home.

“A couple years back, John and I began sharing our tiny house experience with others by hosting our tinies through Airbnb.  We thought it would be a fun way to share our tiny house love affair with others, while also (hopefully) earning some extra money.”

– Fin Davies-Kernohan –

“What we didn’t expect to happen, and what HAS happened, is how much in demand our tiny houses would be on Airbnb, how much additional income we would add into our lives by hosting on Airbnb, and more amazing, and how we have had so many incredible experiences by meeting so many awesome people from so many walks and life… and some have become friends.”

– John Kernohan –

Tiny Houses are in BIG demand on Airbnb…

The first tiny hosts on Airbnb joined them (Airbnb) in 2011… and back then Airbnb had a total of 41 tiny homes on their site.  Over the past decade Airbnb has seen the number of tiny homes on their platform nearly double each year, and today they have over 30,000 tiny homes available!

This tremendous growth is fueled by not only the growth of the tiny home community, but also by the increasing awareness and demand for tiny homes among Airbnb’s global guest community. (Coincidentally, John has been interviewed and featured in a few articles this year about the huge increase in demand for tiny houses and in tiny house getaways.)

Some of what we like about hosting our tiny houses on Airbnb…

More and more, guests are coming to Airbnb looking for unique travel experiences, such as stays in tiny homes. unique stays, and the hosts that provide them, are part of what makes, in our opinion , the Airbnb community so special.

“We are SUPER excited to share about Airbnb’s new program tiny house hosts to be able to share their unique space on Airbnb’s platform, and enable others, as we have done, to experience the joy of staying in a tiny home.”

– John & Fin –

Whether you are an existing Airbnb host thinking about adding new tiny home properties (just as we are adding more ourselves), or you are thinking about hosting your tiny house or unique structure for the first time, this is a great time to join Airbnb…

● It’s free to list your space, no risk to try; sign-up is simple and secure. (Fin loves FREE!)
● Reach a global community of millions of guests seeking unique travel experiences. (John loves not having to work so hard.)
● Every booking is covered with $1M USD in property damage protection and another $1M USD in insurance against accidents. (We both LOVE this safety blanket.)
● Industry-leading fees & host tools. (This has helped in making our Hosting efforts a lot easier.)
● You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests. (Fin LOVES being in control of everything… including being in control of John.)

Become a Super Host… it’s A LOT easier than you might think…

We became Super Hosts very quickly. With effort, attention, and always thinking of what will make a great experience for your guests, you can too become a Super Host!

“Feel free to contact either Fin or I, and we will be more than happy to freely share our experiences as Airbnb Super Hosts, and the lessons we’ve learned along the way.”

– John –

In fact, we want you to become a Super Host and be able to stand out with your rental(s).  We are more than happy to share…

● How we got started on Airbnb.

● How we began with just a single vardo (gypsy wagon) and now have two tiny houses, a skoolie, and a yurt available for guest getaways.  (We are even building a new guest tree house!)

● How we have built and created our tiny getaways for such a small investment that we earn it back quickly by Hosting through Airbnb. (Did you know over 350 tiny homes hosts in North America earned more than $20,000 per listing?)

● How we legally began our Airbnb hosting experience in a community where short-term vacation rentals were not allowed, but we figured out a way to do so. (The rules have since changed in our area and short-term vacation rentals are now allowed.)

● How we have been able to treat each new guest with an even greater experience than the previous guest by implementing our guests’ suggestions. (Why wait to learn these things when we are happy to share with you?)

“You can join Airbnb as a Host right now by CLICKING HERE*.  Also, please do not hesitate to contact either John or I at 706-623-4332 or hello@belovedcabin.com if we can answer any questions you might have about our experiences as Airbnb Super Hosts, or if we can be of help in you getting started on your very own journey in becoming an Airbnb Host!”

– Fin –

❤️ “Do Something BIG in Your World… By Simply Doing Something TINY!” ❤️
John and Fin Kernohan, Beloved Cabin & United Tiny House Association

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*Note: John and I might be compensated in the event someone signs up to be an Airbnb host through this link we have shared.

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