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Free Online Tiny House Festival 2020


FREE Online Tiny House Festival

Available EXCLUSIVELY and LIVE on YouTube!

The First Annual FREE Online Tiny House Festival will be LIVE on YouTube, May 23-24, from 12PM-6PM EST, on United Tiny House's YouTube Channel HERE!

Due to the OVERWHELMING interest and outreach from SO MANY people within the World Tiny House Community, United Tiny House is EXCITED to announce we have increased the hours for this upcoming weekend’s First Annual FREE Online Tiny House Festival to 6 HOURS on EACH DAY (12PM-6PM EST)!

The First Annual FREE Online Tiny House Festival will be 2 days & 12 hours JAMMED PACKED with…

~ 28 Tiny Home Tours: Including tiny houses on wheels, skoolies, gypsy wagons, van conversions, box truck conversions, a double-decker bus conversion, a storage container conversion, a tree house, and a modern cabin!

~ Speakers and Workshops: Knowledgeable and experienced individuals from the World tiny house community will be presenting on both days such topics as Living Debt-Free, Van Life, DIY Composting, Organizing & Down-Sizing, Living Tiny with Children, Building with Salvaged Materials, Zoning & Living Tiny Legally, and MORE!

~ Classes by People Living Tiny: ‘Cooking in a Small Space’ by The Van Life Chef, an Art Class, and a Yoga Class.

~ Entertainment: Live music performances on both days!

~ An International Event: Tiny home tours, presenters, musicians, and class instructors will ALL be participating from throughout the World, including the United States, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, and British Columbia, during the 2 days of the First Annual FREE Online Tiny House Festival!
This World-Wide FREE Online Tiny House Festival is the United Tiny House Association’s 16th Tiny House Festival and is available LIVE and ONLY through United Tiny House’s YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/unitedtinyhouse/ .
According to John Kernohan, United Tiny House Association’s Chairman and Founder, “Our organization, which has grown to over 36K+ members in just 4 years, looks forward to our FREE Online Tiny House Festival providing global awareness of the tiny house community, to continue in our efforts of being a positive example of the growth of the tiny lifestyle movement, and in providing some entertainment and respite during these trying times we all find ourselves living in. By making the FREE Online Tiny House Festival available at NO COST to attendees, our goal is to allow them an opportunity to enjoy tiny homes of many different styles without having to worry about the cost of a ticket or to be concerned about any health issues. We also hope our participants and sponsors will gain additional followers to their social media accounts and develop more clientele for their individual businesses. Fin and I want to thank our supporters Free Spirit Gear, Nature’s Head Composting Toilets & Nature’s Earthly Way, HomeBiogas, Precision Temp, and Sundware Solar Thermal Heating Systems for their support of our for-charity tiny house festivals and of Fin’s and my different causes over the years… we feel honored and privileged they have partnered with this year’s FREE Online Tiny House Festival.”
For more information about the First Annual FREE Online Tiny House Festival, please contact John Kernohan at (706) 623-4332, unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com, or visit the Facebook Event Page for the FREE Online Tiny House Festival HERE.
🎥 You can watch the entire FREE Online Tiny House Festival LIVE on United Tiny House’s YouTube Channel HERE!
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* Note: The Tiny House Festivals & For-Charity Events of the United Tiny House Association are charitable events. Proceeds are donated to the local communities where our events are held and to various charities, non-profits, and great causes. (To date, over $650K of the proceeds from our organization's 15 events have been donated to 80+ different charities, non-profits, worthwhile causes, and given to the communities where we hold our events.)
"With over 36,000+ members, the United Tiny House Association has grown to become what is arguably the largest tiny lifestyle support organizations in the World."

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