United Tiny House Association | 2023 Off-Grid & DIY Build Summer Camp... 2023 Georgia Tiny House Festival... Middle-Georgia's premiere tiny house events!



Update (May 6, 2023): Current 3-Day Schedule of this year’s 2023 Off-Grid & DIY Build Summer Camp.*


~ Friday, May 12, 2023*
6PM: Meet-n-Greet – A fun time to get to know your fellow Summer Camp attendees and to answer questions.


~ Saturday, May 13, 2023*

10AM: Session 1 “Solar Energy and Solar System Configuration”


12PM: Lunch Break (Q&A Session During Lunch)


1PM: Session 2 – “Composting Toilet Reviews and Evaluations”


2PM: Session 3 “Humanure Composting”


3PM: Session 4 “BioGas Technology and the HomeBiogas Solution”


4PM: Session 5 Tiny House Tours


6PM: Classes & Workshops End for Day – Pot Luck Dinner, Concert and Bonfire for Saturday Night’s Activities.


~ Sunday, May 14, 2023*

10AM: Session 6 “Rainwater Collection & Harvesting”


12PM: Lunch Break (Q&A Session During Lunch)


1PM: Session 7 DIY Greenhouse Build


6PM: Summer Camp completed… thank you everyone for coming out. (Who knows what we’re gonna do Sunday night.)


* Please Note: This schedule could possibly be updated and might be subject to change.


Secure Your Reservation Before All Are Filled… There’s a LIMITED Number of Tickets Available.