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2018 FL Tiny House Music Festival Speakers

Update (October 25, 2018): Please join tiny house enthusiasts from around the world for a weekend of INSPIRATION and INSIGHT with the INCREDIBLE line-up of KEYNOTES and SPEAKERS who will be PRESENTING and SHARING during the 2018 Florida Tiny House Music Festival.

2018 Saturday Keynote:

Zack Giffin

Tiny House Nation, Operation Tiny Home, Tiny House Builder/Designer, World-Class Skier, World Recognized Tiny House Advocate, Craftsman, Philanthropist, AND ONE HECK OF A GREAT GUY! 


2018 Florida Speaker:

Joe Hawley

ManVanDogBlog, Retired Professional Football Player (8 Seasons in the NFL), Full-Time Van Dweller.

2018 Sunday Keynote:

Matt “TK” Devine (aka – The Office Hobo)

The Office Hobo, Devine Diaries, Founder & President of Our Backyard Homes, Intentional Living Advocate, Musician, Outdoorsman, Film Maker, Tiny House Builder, Housing Solutions for the Homeless Expert.


2018 Florida Speaker:

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

RelaxShacks, Best-Selling Author, Musician, Teacher, Tiny House & Tree House Builder, Artist, and Host of HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders”.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Andrew Bennett

Owner of Trekker Trailers, Co-Owner Core Housing Solutions, Tiny House Builder, Co-Founder Bildsworth International Tiny House Inspection Services, Tear-Drop Camper Builder, Gypsy Wagon Builder, Regular Guest on DIY Channel and HGTV.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Andrea J. Burns

Tomato Box Tiny House, Tiny House Owner, Critical Thinking Expert, DIY Tiny House Builder, Artist, Consultant, Homeless Advocate.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Elizabeth Singleton

Build Us Hope, Defender of the Homeless and Disabled, Build us Hope – Housing Opportunities Provided for Everyone, Tiny House Owner, Creator of Affordable Housing, Tiny House Lifestyle Advocate.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Jill Kanto

Tiny House Owner, DIYer, Search Tiny House Villages, Tiny House Community Advocate, Tiny House Community Resource.

2018 Florida Speaker & “Teenie’s Tiny Wonderland” Hostess:

Brynn Burger

“Doable Downsizing with Kids”, The Mama on the Rocks, Downsizing Expert, Children-Friendly Spaces Expert, Full-Time 5th Wheel Family Living, Time Line to Tiny 1-Year Plan.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Kari “Yurt Grrl” Cooper

Yurt Living Guru, Yurt Fanatic, Avid Up-Cycler, ATHA Board Member & NJ Representative, Tiny Living Expert, Dedicated Mom, Musician, and Artist.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Leanne Stephens

Tiny Houses and Beyond, Downsizing Expert, Co-Founder Laura’s Little Houses, Tiny House Blogger, Author of Cooking in Small Spaces.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Jenn Baxter

2018 Florida Speaker:

Yvette Stokes

Published Author, Off-Gridder, First-Hand Experienced Emergency Evacuation Expert, A-Liner Owner.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Barbara Reilly

Bildsworth International Tiny House Inspection Services, Tiny House Inspections Pioneer & Expert, Tiny Lifestyle Advocate, DIY Support Consultant.

2018 Florida Panel Moderator/Emcee and Speaker:

Michael Fuehrer

Navigationnowhere, Skoolie Owner, Full-Time Bus Dweller, Bus Conversion Expert & Consultant, Tiny Home-Based Business Owner.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Suzy Beckwith

Tiny House Owner, DIYer, Frog LivTiny, Single-Parent Support Advacate, Tiny House Community Park Manager.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Pat Dunham

Tiny House Advisor, Storage & Organization Consultant and Tiny House Advisor.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Mike Cheatham

Movable Roots Luxury Tiny Homes, Tiny House Advocate, Fire Fighter, Tiny House Design & Construction Expert.

2018 Florida Speaker:

Zina “Queen of Glampers” Lacy

CustomZina, Vintage Camper Restorer, Advocate and Supporter of the “Original Tiny Houses” (aka – Vintage Campers).

2018 Workshop:

Off-Grid Workshop

Solar, Composting Toilets, DIY Septic, Rain Water Collection, and More!

2018 FL Panel Discussion:

Hour of Power: All Female Tiny House Builders & Owners Panel

Moderator/Emcee: Shorty Robbins (Nawaka Tiny House)

Back for a 5th time due to popular demand!  Be enlightened, motivated, and enriched, as some of the most recognized women of the tiny house movement, who have built and/or are living in their own tiny home, share their experiences, trials/tribulations, successes, and the lessons they have learned during their personal tiny journeys.

2018 FL Panel Discussion:

The “Other” Tiny Houses: Van & Skoolie/Bus Conversion Owners

Moderator/Emcee: Mike Fuehrer (NavigationToNoWhere)

Since out first event in March 2016, the United Tiny House Association and our for-charity tiny house festivals have embraced and welcomed skoolie/bus conversion and conversion van owners to our events.  Over the past 2 years we have seen a huge increase in the number of these types of tiny homes – both on the road and at our events.  Come hear and learn for those who are living in, and who have built their own (and other’s), van conversions and skoolie/bus conversions.

2018 FL Panel Discussion:

Tiny Houses Before, During and After a Natural Disaster

Moderator/Emcee: Andrew Bennett (Trekker Trailers)

Tiny Houses continue to prove their benefits before, during and after a natural disaster.  Listen to, and ask questions of, those who are experienced in preparing tiny homes for natural disaster and who have experienced natural disasters while living in their tiny homes.

2018 Florida Tiny House Music Festival Co-Organizer and Speaker:

Shorty Robbins

Nawaka Tiny Historic House; Historic Re-Enactor; Board Member of the United Tiny House Association; Co-Organizer of the 3rd Annual Florida Tiny House Music Festival; SIPS and DIY Expert; Historical Re-Enactor; Full-Time Tiny House Dweller.

2018 Florida Tiny House Music Festival Organizers and Speakers:

John & Fin Kernohan

Tiny Fire House – Station No. 9, Beloved Cabin Tiny House; Founders & Chairpersons of the United Tiny House Association; Organizers of the 3rd Annual Florida Tiny House Music Festival; Owners of Tiny House Rescuers; Featured on HDTV, DIY Network, TODAY, The Rachael Ray Show, AOL, “Tiny House Big Living”; Living 6+ Years Full-Time in their Off-Grid 304sqft Beloved Cabin; DIY Experts; FREE Off-Grid Consultants; Philanthropists; Full-Time Tiny Lifestyle Advocates; and Public Speakers.  Book release for “Our Tiny House Love Affair” scheduled for January 2019.

Interested in presenting 2018 Florida Tiny House Music Festival?  Please feel free to contact us at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com or by calling our office at 706-623-4332.  (Note: Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries from so many people interested in participating in our events, our Speakers’ Roster fills very quickly and not all applicants can be accepted.  Thank you for your understanding.)

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