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John and Fin Kernohan are bringing their 4th Off-Grid Workshop Camp back to their 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay in Georgia on September 15-17, 2023, and this time it will be even bigger and more exciting than their last Summer Camp.

The 2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp will be bigger and more exciting than our last Camp… if this is even possible! As with all our events, the 2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp will be unique to itself and offer activities, workshops, entertainment, and tiny homes not available anywhere else other than at Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay!


New to the 2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp is Saturday’s Nigh-time Concert , Biogas Technology Workshop, Review & Discussion of 5 Popular Composting Toilets, Tiny House & Unique Stay Weekend Rentals, unveiling of our NEW off-grid bell tent village… and more!


Returning once again are the Tours of Tiny Homes (we have 9 unique tiny houses & small structures this year), Humanure Composting Workshop, Solar Workshop, Rain Water Collection Class, Free On-Site Tent Camping, Saturday Evening Potluck Dinner & Bonfire, and More!


Important: The 2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp is not suitable for children due to the use of power tools and other non-child-proof activities.  Also, due to Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay being an animal rescue sanctuary with over 90 rescued cats, dogs, pigs, goats, chickens, and ducks, we ask that family pet members and emotional support animals (non-ADA) are not brought onto the property unless they are trained service animals who are required because of a disability and who have also been trained for a specific task or work on behalf of their owner.


On Friday evening, September 15, 2023, there will be a meet-n-greet at 6PM.  Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17, 2023, classes & workshops will be held between 10AM-5PM, and on Saturday night, September 16, 2023, there will be a live music, a pot-luck dinner, and bonfire.


Additionally, the 9 tiny houses and small homes located on Beloved Cabin’s 16-acre homestead will be available for ticket-holding participants to rent through AirBnB at a discounted rate. Contact John and Fin at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com if you would like to make a reservation. Also, FREE on-site tent camping is available to all ticket-holding participants who bring their own tents and camping gear.


Be sure to mark your calendars for a great tiny house & off-grid experience and plan to attend this unique event!

The Venue

The 2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp will be held in Eatonton, Georgia!



2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp
September 15-17, 2023
Middle-Georgia (Zip Code 31024) about 1.5 hours east/southeast of Atlanta off Interstate 20.*


*Note: Exact address provided to registered participants.


Check HERE to view all our on-site tiny houses, yurt, geodesic domes, bell tents, and skoolie… then contact us to unblock the rental unit you want to stay in during this year’s 2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp so we can unblock the unit for you. (You can only reserve one of our on-site rental units if you are a registered attendee for this year’s camp in September.

Lots of information and links about our tiny houses festivals and organization is available through our web site’s FAQS page.


Please do not hesitate to contact the United Tiny House Association by email at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com or by calling 706-623-4332 with any questions you might have about the 2023 Off-Grid Workshop Camp or any of our tiny house festivals we hold around the country and throughout the year.

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