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Workshops & Activities

2023 Off-Grid & DIY Summer Camp Activities, Presenters & Performers

Update (March 28, 2023): Please check back as we might make updates to this complete roster of the incredibly talented and exciting Educators, Musicians, and Workshops scheduled for the 2023 Off-Grid & DIY Build Summer Casmp.

Solar Workshop


Learn basic and advanced aspects of solar energy, solar systems, and the configuration of solar systems. This course will include a full solar system build and installation, as well as  learning how to determine your solar system size in regards to panels and batteries based on your electric needs.  This course is great for both those who are mobile and those wanting a permanent installation.  Course will be lead and taught by a professional solar installer recommended by EcoFlow.

BioGas Technology


John Kernohan will be sharing how his and his wife (Fin) create a clean, safe, odorless methane gas for cooking fuel from their kitchen scraps and waste materials, as well as create a nutrient-right liquid fertilizer.  Additionally, he will be explaining how they are able to properly and cleanly process their sewage with their HomeBiogas Digester.  Attendees will see their HomeBiogas Digester, and have a hands-on experience in setting up a new HomeBiogas System.

Rain Water Collection


John and Fin Kernohan have been harvesting rainwater for over a decade.  Learn how to build a simple and easy-to-make rainwater collection system that not only will last a lifetime, but can also be as large-capacity or small-capacity as you need… and also be able to expand this an simple design as your rainwater harvesting needs increase over time.  Learn how to maintain your rainwater system, keep it clean, and keep it bug-free.

Humanure Composting


Composting humanure can provide a sanitary solution for processing sewage when water or electricity are not available, or when one wants to simply make more compost and/or create less environmental pollution.  This session will discuss humanure composting and how human waste when combined with other organic materials can become a nutrient-rich soil safe for gardens and planting. The Kernohans have been involved humanure composting for a decade and will be sharing their simply technique and how they build their humanure composting system.

Composting Toilet Evaluations


Many people have an opinion on composting toilets and which one is best, but the reality is most of people have either never actually used a composting toilet, are only familiar with a single type of composting toilet, or have opinions based solely on what others say. Here on Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay we have been using 3 Nature’s Head Composting Toilets, a Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet, a Separett Waterless Toilet, 6 Playberg Portable Toilets, and a HomeBiogas Biotoilet. We will have one of each of the before mentioned toilets for attendees to see & check out for themselves, be sharing what are our favorite features of each toilet, and offer many tips & hacks for having optimum experiences with composting toilets.  Also, and most importantly, the proper disposal of a composting toilet’s contents will be discussed… because let’s face it, a composting toilet is only a fancy bucket if you’re not composting.

Tiny House Tours


We have a 7 tiny houses and small homes on our 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay.  These include 3 tiny houses on wheels, 2 geodesic domes, 1 yurt, and a skoolie (short bus conversion), and we make these available to guests as short term rentals. During this event, we will be providing guided tours of all our small homes and tiny houses, as well as answering questions, sharing the story behind each unit, and offering insights on building tiny homes.

Arbour Season

(Sat Evening)

Arbour Season is an indie/folk husband and wife (Shane and Emily) duo who draw inspiration from the incredible adventures they experience all across North America in their converted school bus/home. Their unique journey inspires the ambient folk sound that captures the serenity of the Western vistas, the rhythms of the Eastern coastlines, and the brilliance of the national forests. Shane and Emily express their passion for life through their music and invite others to travel with them by listening to the intricate instrumentation, layered harmonies and lyrics that tell their stories. Fun Fact: Shane and Emily (Arbour Season) have performed and attended many of our tiny house festivals, and we are so excited this will be their first visit to our homestead.

The Octobers

(Sat Evening)

The Octobers are Maryland-based married couple, Gianni and Laina. This incredibly talented pair met in high school, where they bonded over their mutual love of music. It is this love for each other that has created a unique style drawing from a wide variety of influences such as traditional American folk to 80’s pop. Gianni and Laina currently live with their dog (Daisy) in a 30 foot pull-behind camper, which they use to travel the country. We were able to meet Gianni and Laina last year when we were emceeing the People’s Tiny House Festival in Colorado where The Octobers were performing. We so excited to welcome The Octobers to our homestead.

Hands-On Greenhouse Build


John and Fin are greenhouse fanatics… and it shows in their creations.  Videos of their greenhouse-bathroom and greenhouse-outdoor kitchen have gone viral with millions of views from around the World, but not only because of their beauty and uniqueness, but also because John and Fin use repurposed, salvaged, and left-over materials. John’s family is Amish and he likes to say he was raised with a hammer in his hand and that he was blessed by his Daadi (Grandfather) and Daed (Father) for teaching him his building kills. John will also be sharing where and how he and Fin get all their reclaimed, repurposed, and salvaged building materials, windows, lumber, and more.  Important Note: It is suggested attendees bring a pair of good construction gloves and eye protection for this portion of the weekend.

Hosts of 2023 Off-Grid & DIY Build Summer Camp

John & Fin Kernohan

John and Fin are the Founders of the United Tiny House Association, which is the largest tiny lifestyle advocacy organization in the World with over 67K+ members.   They are the organizers of the 29 for-charity tiny house festivals, which have raised and donated over $773K+ to over 100+ charities & great causes.  They own 3 tiny houses on wheels (including the World famous Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9), 2 yurts, 2 geodesic dome, a skoolie, multiple structures, and 3 bell tents, which are all located on their 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay. They and their tiny home creations have been featured on A&E, HGTV, DIY Network, GAC, TODAY, The Rachael Ray Show, Apple TV+, AOL’s “Dream Big-Live Small“, JEOPARDY!, and numerous other programs and media outlets around the World… plus, they and the small homes were featured on 14 episodes on “Living Smaller”, which debuted in 2022 on A&E.  John & Fin have been living 11+ years in their Off-Grid DIY 304sqft tiny cabin, and are DIY & Re-purposing Experts, FREE Off-Grid Consultants, Philanthropists, Full-Time Tiny Lifestyle Advocates, Public Speakers; and authors of “Tiny Talks: Communicating BIG with Love & Laughter”.

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