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Louisiana Tiny House Festival Tiny Structures

Here are the types of tiny structures currently registered to participate at the 2018 Louisiana Tiny House Festival.

Tiny Houses on Wheels

School Bus Conversions (Skoolies)

Gypsy Wagons


Van Conversions

Foundation-Based Tiny Structures

Box Truck Conversions

Vintage Campers

Miscellaneous Structures

Are you a builder or private owner of a tiny house or micro home?  Would you like to show your creation at any of our up coming events in Massachusetts, Florida (3rd Annual), New Orleans, Georgia (4th Annual)?  If so, please contact us at 706-623-4332 or by email at unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com to request the necessary form required to participate in any of our up coming For-Charity Tiny House Festivals scheduled for 2018-2019.  Also, you can download the appropriate form HERE.

Please Note: The tinies pictured on this page may not be the same exact structures brought to the event by the builders listed.

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