United Tiny House Association | Workshop: Tiny House & Salvage Building Basics

Workshop: Tiny House & Salvage Building Basics

utha- united tiny house event July 2020

Workshop: Tiny House & Salvage Building Basics

Tiny House Build Workshop: ? Tiny House & Salvage Building Basics ?

Hands on tiny house workshop with Marc Frederick, tiny house builder and owner of Big Heart Tiny House, will be teaching a hands-on class Saturday, July 11th, at the 2020 Georgia Tiny House Festival (5th Annual).

Registration is now open HERE! (There is a limited number of participant openings available!)

* Amazing value at $79.99! *

~ This is a 3-hour hands-on class.

~ Every registered participant will receive a copy of Andrew Morrison’s 4 DVD Set “The How To Guide to Building a Tiny House”. ($49.95 Value!)

~ Plus a 2-Day Festival Pass for the Georgia Tiny House Festival (5th Annual) is included! ($25.00 Value!)

Topics will include:

– The basics of tiny house framing- a live, private demo (framing walls, floors, etc)

– Building with salvaged materials (including a live-build pallet project for charity).

– The DO’s and DO NOT’s of tiny house design. Over FORTY things people ALWAYS screw up on when designing their tiny house. THIS TALK alone will save you quite a bit of money and hassle and will pay for itself.

– Alternative and conventional tool usage and selection.

– Tiny house trivia (for prizes).

– Building on unconventional land/off-grid.

– Where to start & how to approach it.

– Inside tips on building a tiny house on a trailer/on wheels.

– PLUS anything else Marc squeezes in!

Sign-up is now open HERE!

For additional information, discount admission tickets, vendor positions, and sponsorship opportunities, for the World’s LARGEST tiny house event, the 5th Annual (2020) Georgia Tiny House Festival or the Tiny house & Salvage Building Basics Workshop, please contact the United Tiny House Association at (706) 623-4332 or by email at festivals@unitedtinyhouse.com.

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