United Tiny House Association | Invitation: “Tiny Tour” Videos Submissions

Invitation: “Tiny Tour” Videos Submissions

Invitation: “Tiny Tour” Videos Submissions

 👉 Would you like your home to be featured in an upcoming United Tiny House “Tiny Tour”? 👈

This is a great way to promote your home/homestead, share your story and allow the World to see your design style! 🎉

Each United Tiny House “Tiny Tour” will be featured on UTHA’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channels. ❤️

🎥 Submit a video of you touring and showing off your tiny home… 🎥

1. Shoot your video horizontally. 🎞

2. Be sure to introduce yourself and include any special or unique features about your home: square footage, size, the reason you choose to live tiny, what like (and dislike) about your tiny, any challenges living tiny, and anything you would like to share with anyone who is thinking about going tiny, etc.

3. Have good lighting and avoid dark spaces.

4. Keep your video 20 minutes or less. (The finished video will be 4-10 minutes long.)

5. No editing needed… even the silly stuffs! (We will edit it for you. 👍)

6. We also need high resolution photos for the film’s thumb nail. (At least 1 horizontal and 1 vertical photo.)

7. Please be sure to provide us the social media account (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and/or Twitter) you would like credited.

8. To provide your video, please click the following Dropbox link. (You do not need a Dropbox account to upload your video and photos.) https://www.dropbox.com/request/viT0Ii9PMlqZAy2VICXJ

9. There is no deadline.  We will be posting the “Tiny Tours” as we receive video submissions, so please feel free to send in your submission whenever convenient.

We hope you have fun making your video and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect… just be YOU!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at festivals@unitedtinyhouse.com with any question.

Thank You! – #JohnAndFin Kernohan 🙏❤️